Air Services Tourism (AST) is the first reliable Aviation Services Provider in Muscat/OOMS and Salalah/OOSA or domestic airports in Oman. We are committed to Provide high Standard, and full package of all the aviation related services your flight may need, and to ensure full comfort to our customers.

AST has recognized the needs of the avaition industry of providing superior error-free services at affordatbel prices and timely manner, and are committed to fullfilling them.

We are pleased to provide its wide range of services for our worldwide clients, VIP, Cargo, Ambulance and Passenger flights.

AST staff are avalible 24/7 to meet our customers request, while our executive representative is avaliable at the airport equipped with black berry and gate pass which permits him to enter to the restricted areas such as customs and immigration.

Furthermore AST has an agreement with Oman Civil Aviation Authority to apply for overflying and landing clearance on behalf of all nonscheduled airline who ha no resident agent in Oman.